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Name Brands and Gases for All Industries

Whether you need gas or supplies daily, weekly, or monthly, Thomas Gas Service can arrange a delivery schedule that is convenient for you.

We'll make sure you have the industrial gas and products you need, when you need it. Call our team in Chillicothe, OH, for a regular, reliable supply of quality gas or to find out more about our product lines, from name brands such as Harris, Smith, Praxair, PowerWeld, Lincoln & Miller, Forney, Hypertherm, and HPG. Our extensive product range covers most types of industrial gas, including carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, anesthetic gas, and cutting gas, including acetylene. Chances are, if you need a particular kind of gas, we will have it.

Welding Supplies

Thomas Gas Service in Chillicothe can provide you with oxygen and acetylene and all your welding and cutting supplies and safety equipment including:

  • Welding and cutting MIG guns, hand held TIG torches, 
  • Tungsten welding curtains, blankets and pads, welding screens, 
  • Strip curtains, hardware filler metals, welding wires, masks and helmets, 
  • Torches and regulators, safety glasses and supplies, 
  • Competitive industry prices and delivery times
welding supplies
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Thomas Gas Service is a leading supplier of medical gas. If you manage a hospital, dentist clinic, or any other organization that requires anesthetic or other medical gas, get in touch with us. We can provide the gas you require to safely and effectively treat your patients.

Thomas Gas Service is a leading name in both medical and industrial gas, so you can feel secure in purchasing your supplies through us.


Gas is required for countless tasks across numerous sectors. From welding and cutting to food processing and wine-making, gas is a staple in many industries. We will sell you the acetylene, argon, nitrogen and oxygen you need.

For a regular supply or a one-time purchase, please contact our team in Chillicothe.

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